Purdue CAD - IronCAD

Next semester I’m starting my course work towards a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and I’ll have to take an introductory CAD class (CGT 110). In my opinion this will be a really easy class (I think) since I already know how to use Autodesk Inventor and Unigraphics Solid Edge pretty well, and I know a little Autocad. My main concern is that I was on a school computer and under the program folder for MET there was a program called IronCAD. I checked out the website at www.ironcad.com , but I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with it.

Just wondering :cool:

As someone who’s actually taken the class at Purdue, (well, CGT 163 when it used IronCAD instead of Catia) IronCAD isn’t too bad of software, but completely different from inventor and pretty much any other CAD package out there. It’s designed for speed of creation by using drag and drop solids. The software isn’t too hard to learn, but I won’t ever use it again.

And as a side note… (all joking of course) you’re on these forums all the time, but didn’t come out to be an advisor for team 461 at Purdue! Rar! :slight_smile: