Purdue University

What seniors are going to Purdue next year? We should be friends.

OOh OOH!!! I’m going to Purdue!!! Studying Engineering! Soooo proud! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Congrats to anyone going to Purdue, its a great school for Engineering!

There are many ways to continue working with FIRST at Purdue. I would definitely recommend that you read D.J.'s thread though, college is challenging enough on its own the added work of being a mentor. Still, there are ways to help out without committing to oodles of time.

This year Purdue supported three FRC teams, the Boilermaker Regional, an FLL Tournament, as well as FLL and VEX programs.

Purdue FIRST Programs
Boilermaker Regional

In any case, I hope to see you all in the fall! Look for us at the BGR Activities Fair.

Boiler up!

EDIT: Congratulations on the scholarship(s), by the way :]

Like everyone said above, welcome to Purdue.

It’s definately a good school with a good reputation, just remember to study and get involved (whether its with FIRST or one of the handful of of other organizations on campus).

If you have any questions before move in, go ahead and contact me and Im sure Greg wouldn’t mind either. Im on facebook, so that would probably be the easiest way.