Purple Image after tryin to capture green.

Hey guys, i got a new cam. So, i can calibrate yellow, i can calibrate red, but i cant calibrate green, the gui first starts by saying that the target is too close, then says that it cant calibrate green because there is not enough light.
I’ve even tried quartz light, and still it says it is not enough.
One more thing, when i calibrate red or yellow, i can grab a new frame with no problem, but when i try to calibrate green and it fails, i got to grab a new frame but what the cam sends me is purple screen. Any ideas?

It might be your lighting. We tried calibrating under fluorescent lighting and it didn’t work at all. We went to a bigger room with lots of natural light and it worked like a charm.

We got a purple picture after we messed with the settings in the GUI (gain, white balance) but after they were reset, the image returned to normal.