Purple Led Ring?

I have heard the a green led ring works best for seeing the reflective tape, I’ve heard different reasons for this, one being the most believable is that the robot might pick up a blue or red glow from the alliance stations.

Would a purple led ring suffice? All the green ones that were recommended on this forum are sold out.

I believe so. It may get mixed up with all the blue lights, but as long as you get the programming accurate enough it shouldn’t be a problem.

Alright thanks for your input.

This may be too late for you to do, but what we found were some 850nm IR lights off of superbrightleds.com (Sounds sketch, but it’s legit) work amazingly well for illuminating the backboard, along with the right filters and stuff.

Do you mean purple like this? Seems to work pretty well to me.

Greg McKaskle

field 82 .jpg

field 82 .jpg

Where did you get a purple LED ring? I looked on the superbrightled website a few weeks ago and hunted specifically for purple (it’s our team color, after all!), but didn’t find it.

You can always just order some LEDs of any color you want and make your own ring. We decided that the green LED ring on AndyMark(Which comes from superbrightleds.com) wasn’t bright enough. So we ordered some LEDs and made our own brighter ring.

Our team did the same thing. We ordered some IRs from SuperBrightLEDs as well and made our own. I suggest that if you do make your own, use some material that would act as an increased heat sink.

We ordered these LEDs.

I thought the original ring was bright until we wired some of these up. Wow.

Oh wow. Ours are quite different. http://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/component-leds/315mw-850nm-infrared-led-with-star-heatsink-125-degree-viewing-angle/653/

One Watt IR LEDs which require a buck puck.

We chose the ones we did because they are extremely directional with only a 20 degree viewing angle, that way we aren’t blinding the drivers on the other alliance and getting disqualified.

Where did you get a purple LED ring?

If you were asking me where I got them, those were actually taken with a strip of programmable LEDs. You set the color, it produces the light. This was before I knew about the LED rings from SuperBright.

Greg McKaskle