Push Button System


My team is trying to create a push button system where we have 5 buttons, each worth a different amount. We are having trouble writing the program because we don’t know how to make it so that 2 buttons can be pushed at the same time. We’ve heard suggestion such as interrupts and getting a microcontroller for each button. Thanks in advance and I’ll be sure to post our results.

Why can’t you just check if one button is on and the other button is on by using && in an if check? We were able to do that with our joystick… is there something different with your controller?

Can you give a more detailed explaination of what you are trying to do? Are the five buttons Operator buttons with your joysticks, or are they on the robot? What will these buttons be doing in your code (driving a motor, etc)?

Yep, makes a big difference.

Also, are they all connected into the same port? That also makes a difference. Again, please give some more details about what you want to do with these buttons.


We are trying to make a scoring system.  So we will have approximately 10 buttons.  We want to have when button A is pressed add 1 point, when button B add 3 points, etc.  We then want to have the total variable somehow go into the computer so we can display the score.

Someone just gave me the idea of using the LPT (printer port) and have a button for each wire and use visual basic to due the reading. But I’m rather new to programming and would appreciate any help.


I’ll be sure to post results and probably a white paper so everyone else can use the same system if they like it.

I just figured out how to do it with the help of my parents (figures, we work on it for a while, I post it on ChiefDelphi and then we realize how to do, and it is the first way we tried).
But I’m still unsure as to once I have the variable, to print out to the computer in a format (such as a file) that I can use in another program. Such as A=56 B=72.
Anyone know how the guys who made the official scoring system did it?

Thanks a lot!