Pushed off Lift?

In Q25 of Waterloo District, Team 3161 appears to have pushed team 1374 off the lift of 2056 at the end of the match.
The refs called a free climb for 1374, giving the 2056 alliance 4 rp, and a violation of G10 on 3161, which gave them a red card.

Has this happened before?

For reference…


Here is a better clip of what happened

Watching that a few times, here’s what I see happening:

3161 got pushed through the null territory and picked up a tech foul.

They wanted to get back to their side for end game and tried to move over to their null territory to avoid another foul. Rather than go to the far end, they tried to sneak through the platform zone. In the process, they didn’t see the second climb and bumped them.

Once they knocked that bot over, they pulled back and immediately the third red robot moved towards them attempting to draw another tech foul. You’ll see 3161 pull back to avoid it.

It looks entirely unintentional and happened due to lack of vision. But, the climb and red card still make perfect sense even with the unintentional tipping.

Just coming on to say that thus quote is pretty much exactly what happened.

As drive coach for 3161, our driver panicked over the tech foul we got from 2609 (Well played by them to block us off). He then tried to avoid getting another one by driving the shortest path around the scale.

The pull back you saw was most likely from me yelling “you can’t be in there!”.

We didn’t even see the contact at all. We heard the crowd and it took us a second to even realize what had happened.

We apologize to both 1374 and 2056 for what happened and 1374 is an amazing team for attempting to get our red card removed.

Hopefully all cleared up for everyone

Seems plausible.

First time I saw that as its fraught with likelihood of free climbs(s) with 14 secs to go…even if successful doubt they would have parked with how far they had to go. Lots of risk for little reward