Pushing into goals, and pinning

First, is there a penalty for pushing someone int a goal?

Second, If a robot pins you and then rides up on you getting stuck on you so they can’t get off should that still be called for the pinning penalty?

I am pretty sure there is no penalty for pushing someone into a goal, unless they call aggresiveness. And for pinning the rule is 10 seconds then back up. If they get stuck on you chances are if it is a safety hazard they would disable someone if not both robots, usually you get a chance to untangle.

As far as I know, there is no penalty for pushing a team into/under a goal as long as you do not pin them. I wouldn’t recommend it though because you could possible push some of your own tetras out from underneath in the process if you are not careful.

In NYC, several teams were pushed under scoring goals and a penalty was never given out.

I knew that after 10 seconds there was a pinning penalty, but it seems somehow the refs missed when a robot decided to pin us and then sit their robot on top of our robot for the last 30 seconds of a match. I’m not sure how you don’t see something like that; Can you?

It is only considered pinning if you are pushed up and held against a field element IE the diamondplate. If the got of top of you it would not be a pinning penalty. Same thing if you where pinned between two robots.

<G21> mentions one or more field elements, So diamond plate, the side walls, and the scoring goals should be considered field elements. Pin for not more than 10 seconds, back off three feet and re-pin and the 10 second clock starts again.

I may be wrong, but i don’t think there is a penalty for pushing a bot under the goal…we did it as a defense move against the dirty birds in one of our semi’s. the only thing to watch is g25…don’t be overaggresive

No, there is not a penalty for pushing under goals. But, many robots can drive in and out of goals. Also, if the robot is particularly tall (or fully extended beyong the top of the goal at that moment) you may end up tipping them while trying to shove them in. This would come quite close to aggressive play.