"Put Andy on Survivor" - help needed

Life is more fun if you take some risks every so often. I am taking a risk and I need some help from my friends.

I grew up watching entirely too much television, and I consider myself a product of the TV generation. Recently, my wife, oldest daughter and I have watched the last two seasons of Survivor and we have enjoyed it. We like the good guy / bad guy aspect, the competition aspect, and the fact that the show is based on inter-personal relations between contestants. We especially like the contestants who show good character and “gracious professionalism” as they play. There are things we don’t like about the show and we use those things to tell our daughter “what not to do”.

I talked to my wife and asked if she would support me if I applied to be on the show for the upcoming season. She said yes, but doesn’t think that I will make it. I don’t either, but it is worth a try. Sure, my chances are like that of a lottery, but it may be worth the effort.

In order to be a contestant, I have to fill out an application and send it in with a 3 minute video. The video must tell them who I am and why I would make the ultimate Survivor. They suggest being creative. So, that is what I will do. First, I will say who I am and then why I would make the ultimate Survivor (see reasons below). Then, at the end of the tape, I would like to include many groups of people saying: “PUT ANDY ON SURVIVOR”. The more people in the group saying this, the better it will look.

That is where you come in. If you want to help me do this, get a group of people, put them in front of a digital video camera, and have them say “PUT ANDY ON SURVIVOR” at the same time. Then, send me an email and I will reply to you.

(if you have any other ideas, let 'em rip)

If the producers like the application, they will interview me.

You may be wondering why I would want to be on Survivor. Here are my reasons:

  1. It would be fun.
  2. I think that I could do well. I am deeply competitive while still being honest and gracious. I am good with people but I also don’t take too much crap.
  3. I would like to promote positive role models on television, and I would fill that role.
  4. This would help promote FIRST. I would wear FIRST t-shirts while on camera.
  5. It would be like winning the lottery; while it is not realistic to win, it is neat to dream about it. If I would win, some money would go back to FIRST (and other local charities).
  6. I really don’t have any secrets and I like to be accessible (translation: I am a bit of a showboat and wear my heart on my sleeve).

So… could you help? Send me a short video clip of your FIRST team (or group of friends) and say “PUT ANDY ON SURVIVOR”. I wish that I had time to wait for IRI to do this, but the application needs to be in by June 22.

Once I get a video done, I will let you guys proof it and give me input to make it better. As many of you know, my video editing skills are minimal, so any advice is appreciated.

We’ll see how this goes… it could be fun.

Thank you,
Andy B.

Ask Erin from 125 to get everyone to do it at Beantown Blitz.
Or any other off season comp.

Hey Andy, BTB is coming up in under 2 weeks and if you really are serious about this, we could get some people together there and tape them for you… Good luck and have some fun!
~Mike “I couldnt even beat a dog on survivor” Dez

Hey Andy, that sounds awsome! I’ll try to help! Man, if for a while we don’t see you, I guess we will know where you are! :smiley:

Good luck man.

if you have survived “X” amount of years in FIRST i don’t see why survivor won’t accept u :). I will back you 100% if you get to be on Survivor.

I can send you a picture of myself with “put andy on survivor” would that help

This may be reason for me to watch television again…

Will see what I can do.

Wow, if Andy got on Survivor… I’d actually watch. :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can get a bunch of the Florida Crazy FIRST Nuts to do a video if we can all get together.

Being one of the biggest Survivor fans on earth, may i just say…

If you are on Survivor, you will be my hero Baker!

I’ll help in any way i can.

-Andy Grady

I’d be happy to help in any way I can too. I’d actually watch the show if you were on it!

You’re already my hero Baker! (I may as well start kissing up now if he’s serious about going for the $10^6) I will see what I can do around here.


Aww, does that mean i have to put a temporary halt to my organization of Andy Baker for President campeign.

also you could use some old clip of yourself from like maize craze, that would make you stand out to the selection people.

Andy, if you get on you will be my new hero!!!

LOL… good one.

Thanks, guys. You are all cool in my book, that is for sure. I do have some video from 1998 with me on ESPN, so I might use that. I only have 3 minutes, and if I go over they won’t accept it. So… if any of you are planning something, keep it really short.

Also, keep in mind that our chances here are between slim and none.


Too bad we didn’t have this info for PARC - could of done something there. I will forward your post to one of my alma maters advisors. Best wishes!

Your friends on Wildstang will help you out. I hope you make it.

One suggestion I would have is when you do your video with your group, be holding a sign that says where the group is from. I think the producers would be impressed to have people from all over the United States and Canada.

Another good idea would be to send letters also.

Canada’s Wonderland Competition is on June 5th. I’ll do my best to get as many people into 1 clip. Good luck and let us know where to send the video clip.

If there is anything i or my team can do to help let us know.
you have my support.

Your friends on 229 would LOVE to help you out!
… but unfortunately we’re all on summer break. :wink:

Let me know what we can do for ya. Good luck buddy!


You’ve got support from team 93.

Good Luck Andy