"Put Andy on Survivor" - help needed

I’m sure I could muster up some support from Team Hammond. It would definately be an entertaining sight to see.

besides, w00t to Indiana, right?

i’m suprised that nobody mentoned this yet, but…

see if you can get Dean Kamen to do it. maybe one of the screening people would recognize him…

unfortunatly, i’m lacking in the digital-camera department, but would be will ing to participate if someone around my area (read: state of FL) organized something.


I’ll help you, but you’re insane.

Amanda ‘I would have picked “The Swan”’ Morrison

No offense to Andy, but I just couldn’t see him competing in a beauty pagent. Though after a facelift, 23.75 hours a day at the gym and some more “work” … hmm - better stick with survivor!! :wink:

Let me know what I can do to help, Andy! When does the application have to be in by? If not before IRI, I’m sure we could gather a whole mess of people together to “PUT ANDY ON SURVIVOR!”

Ill try and help you out baker… although if i remember correctly, you were to scared to acctually get in a pool against me and JVN :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

103 is in Andy

Maybe I’ll have to start watching TV again. I’ve never really been a survivor fan…but if Andy Baker is on there I wouldnt miss an episode. Best of luck Andy.

188’s all over it. We’ll get some other Canadian teams to offer some international support at the upcoming invitational as was suggested.

Hey Andy, should we email you the video, or what? I don’t have it done yet, but I will soon.

I hate survivor, but I’m a softy for crazy causes. I’ll see if I can convince some people to do this, even thought none of us know you or have any reason to help you :wink:

This is actually very interesting. FIRST logo during prime time would be serious publicity, and we could point it out to people who think FIRST is a crazy nerd underground organization. :smiley:

Mmmmm… Free advertising

i am gonna have my camera at BTB… if we can somehow get an announcement during one of the final rounds for everyone in the stands to say it i could easily tape it and upload it for you =D… im hoping erin comes in and reads this all so we can help you out mr. baker =D

Taken out of context, that makes for a good spotlight quote :slight_smile:

And is it just me or is the spotlight button the same as the reputation one?

[edit]The above was asked because I neither read the front page announcement nor cleared my 1gb Firefox cache. :D[/edit]

I’m thinking a few of us old 45’ers could put together a couple second video… i’m thinking huge bon fire in the background too…

LoL I’ll round up the 710 guys, or atleast what I can, who knows maybe I’ll get a camera over to the 1083, 179, 180 camping trip!

Well good luck man, I know I’ll be rootin for yah, and if this endeavor fails, you can always try American Idol. Then maybe, The Apprentice, I think I would find it funny to hear Donald Trump say " Andy …your Fired " or " Andy your Hired "

good luck man, go nuts with it


I saw the thing Brandon had up when he was updating VB3 before I saw this, and I was like “he has to be kidding… why on Earth would Andy want to be on Survivor?” Then, my next thought, when I heard you actually were planning on applying was “they’ll never pick him… he’s too nice and normal … they like weird psychos.” However, I would say if you do get in, you’d make a much better contestant than all those weird psychos they like to throw on there :wink: Anyways, good luck, and I hope you make it… it would give me a reason to watch again.

Probably the best way to do this is to email it to my home email. Due to my own editing, I will need emails by June 8, to be conservative.

Thank you all,
Andy B.


I’ll get 1114 to put something together at our team gala next week, and I’ll definitely get something huge at the Canada’s Wonderland event. Hmm, I’m going to the Jays game next week, I could even try and work something in with that…

ill be at the Wonderland event and i definitely want to be a part of this! ill see who else on my team that is going to watch is interested. I DEFINITELY want to you on the show !!

How about these…




I like the one with the spray paint Lavery.

I’ll try and talk to the NYC FIRST! Committee and see what kind of thing they can come up with. With everyone helping. Each of us may end up with 5 sec a piece as well as AB’s official entry. hrm.

Think Short and Simple:D