I have found another great tool to add to the FANTASTIC Gmail networking idea, this one for helping to locate other teams. There is an online global “mapping” service where you can place a “pin” on a global map to identify your location. This pin is tied to your ID, comments, and a picture if you desire. I have created a map for FIRST Robotics Teams (FRC, FVC and FLL) and would love to see it populated with as many teams as possible. I think it would be really cool to see a graphical representation of the distribution of all FIRST participants worldwide!

Check out the FIRST Robotics Teams FRAPPR map and add your team!!

I would recommend a common format for location naming:

Competition<sp>Number< - >Team Name(as desired)
So it would look like Fxx nnnn - Name … ex: FRC 1018 - Pike HS RoboDevils

You can get a better idea of how this might look and work by checking out the Segway owners map

I added one for Chief Delphi a while back, so while you’re at it … go add yourself to this one.

Put your username down for your location naming.



Hmm…so… I added team 237, and then it wanted me to sign up… but I didn’t want to, but I think it added us anyways… very odd.

Oh well… cool resource there Stu.:slight_smile:

1293’s on the map.

Same thing happened with me, still pretty cool.

The post-signup is optional … you can sign up if you want to get updates about your list (new additions, etc).

How is that different from this?

Actually looks like the same application to me except that it is built into an individual team’s site … The one thing I don’t really like is the automatic zoom to street level as soon as you select an entry, but I guess that is just personal preference …

Sorry :o - I didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes - I never saw the original post as our team participates in BEST Robotics so I don’t spend much time “here” in the Fall …

Rock On! We’ll be at Texas BEST next weekend, it should be a good time for all. :cool:


TWiT did this exact same thing. I’m on that map, and I guess I’ll put my team on the FIRST map.