Putting The Driver Station On Another Computer

I am trying to put the driver station on another computer as opposed to the class mate.

However, the instructions at the first website call for a 2012 Lab View Flash drive.

The only flash drive my team received was one labeled as a 2012 image. On this flash drive are only stuff pertaining to a system image. Am I missing something?

There was a CD-sized cardboard container in the Kit of Parts that has the LabView installation drive in it. The drive turns around and fits into your USB port with the leads (the gold-ish colored surface) facing up in the USB port. Open it up and download the new LabView. I hope this helps!

Install this:

It is the driver station update for the 2012 season but it also acts an an installer. If you need anything else, just install labview so you have access to all of the FIRST utilities (cRio imaging tool) but if you just need the driver station, use this.


I should have bothered to check the disk!