PVC Question

Posted by Josh.

Engineer on team #247, Da Bears, from Berkley High School and Camou PICO.

Posted on 10/18/2000 9:39 AM MST

Richard wants to know if the PVC be touching the robot at the end?

Posted by Joe Johnson.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Posted on 10/18/2000 10:39 AM MST

In Reply to: PVC Question posted by Josh on 10/18/2000 9:39 AM MST:

Doubling does not require that no robot be touching the square rack, only that it be 100% on one side at the end of the match (when viewed from above).

Of course, it can’t be out of bound either.

Joe J.