PWM inputs

We seem to not be able to get this encoder to give us a PWM value. It’s a MEA3 magnetic 360 degree absolute encoder. It is wired correctly. Does it need to have a jumper like the PWM output? And how can I read this PWM signal? I’m not sure on what to do! :frowning:

can you post code of both opening and reading (begin and periodic/teleop)

Sorry I went to bed, but we also completely scrapped the code because for some reason there is no way to not save in labview… UGH

Here is the code we have. We eventually will hook this up to functions but for now, we just need it to give us feedback. And based on the encoder, does it need to be seated completely back into the housing? Here is a link to the datasheet… which is terribly written on how the thing actually goes together…

The Encoder functions you are using are not PWM functions (measured pulse).
They are Digital input functions (on/off).

I’d try the Analog output from that encoder instead.

Save As… lets you save an unopened copy (save it somewhere other than your project where it won’t overwrite your existing vi) of your vi with changes. Then just don’t save it as part of the project itself when you close the project.

Well we got the model that is 10bit PWM. I’m not sure but I don’t think you can wire it up the same and expect it to output PWM can you?

And is there a way to measure the time on or off and then treat it as the angle?

Experimentation is necessary.
Some ideas in this thread.