PWM Not going to full on

So I’m using the the set function of the victor class to control a motor, when I pass -1 to the function, the motor goes in full reverse no problem and the victor indicator light goes red. But when I pass 1 as the parameter the motor goes to full speed (or what appears to be), but the green light will not come on on the victor. I’ve tried putting in a larger value such as 3 or 4 and even 255 but it will not accelerate further nor will the green light come on. To confirm that it was not the controller I switched back to using the robotdrive class with the tankdrive function, and it had no problem going full forward with the green indicator light coming on. I also tried a few different controllers and PWM ports with the same results.

Basically my code is

//Definition section
Victor* motorlaunch;
//Constructor section
motorlaunch = new Victor(1,3);
//Teleop section

Try calibrating that Victor.

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Worked perfectly, thanks a lot!