PWM output not working?

Just got into the programming a few days ago. Suffice to say I’m trying to get the drive system working. For some reason when I run any of the examples, the PWM output doesn’t work at all. I’m not sure what to look for and getting a little desperate!!

I’ve verified that the hardware setup is correct. Jumping signal wire to 6V gets the motor going so I know that that’s working. I’ve hooked up the PWM signal to an oscilloscope as well.

My setup is a single motor attached to a Victor 884 with input coming from PWM 0 on the RoboRIO. Joystick is also attached.

That doesn’t sound right. I know you say the hardware is correct, but if the examples don’t work it’s still the first place to start. Please describe your hardware setup, telling us exactly where each wire is connected. Pictures would help.