PWM Style .100 pitch Male Connectors

Does anyone know who makes the male connectors that IFI uses on their PWM cables? Last year we started making our own PWM cables (custom lengths, and we had to do the female end anyways for our sensor wires with the new RC connectors) with molex C-Grid Crimp connectors, (male pin part # is WM2517-ND). The female connectos are great, however the folded-style male connectors are longer than the IFI connectors and also seem to break much easier if forced (never broke one on a robot, but had problems when prototyping with them.

I noticed AMP/Tyco makes something similar in their “MT Connector” model (pin part # A24952-ND) that are more expensive than the molex model, but if they are the right part I may deal with the price. I want to put them on my next digikey order, but dont want to buy a lot incase they arn’t any better or are worse. Anyone have any experience with these or know another source? I tried calling IFI but all they tell me is they buy them pre-made.

Also, another offtopic question, but not deserving enough of its own thread - What does everyone think is the chance of FIRST switching to a higher amperage rating Anderson SB connector (SB120 or SB175)? I’m about to go through and replace all of our contatcts on our batteries that have been torn up by the aligator clips on the chargers, but dont want to if come Jan we will switch to a SB120 or something where new contacts would be necessary anyways.

I had a chance to talk to the mentor who gets our supplies and we would also be interested if someone knows the right connectors. We also use the parts and tools from MOLEX and have the same problems, we just cut the pins. I’m not sure if the parts made by AMP/TYCO are better, but if someone else knows please share.


I’m about to put an order in for the AMP/TYCO style ones. I’ll post if they are any better. I can’t imagine them being any worse. They actually seem to be a little cheaper also (pins are more expensive but the housings are far cheaper - this could be a good sign with the pins being more expensive).