PWM to CAN LabView arcade drive

I have a simple driving program for tank drive with our robot using two motors, and the only thing I can find that seems to be the matter with it other than the default input in the begin phase to initializing the two motors is PWM 0 for leftmotor and PWM 1 for right motor. Does anyone know what to change them to, if that is necessary because we are using CAN. I hope that made sense.

The drop-down under the initialize motor drive block needs to be set to the type of motor controller you’re using.

Are you using the Talons in CAN bus mode or PWM mode?

The drop down is set to CAN talons, which is what I am using, but that doesn’t change the index of the motor, still set to ‘PWM 0’ and ‘PWM 1’, which doesn’t seem right to me.

Could you send a snippet of the What motor controllers are you using?

You will have to delete the two boxes that have PWM 1 and PWM 2 in them. After they are deleted, right click on the motor nodes on the begin and create a new constant. From there, you can enter the ID number of the CAN Talon, and you should be good to go.

How do I tell what the ID number is for each talon, is that just their position in the daisy chain?

You will have to log into the RoboRIO to assign ID numbers to your Talons. There is a guide on ScreenSteps that documents how to change CAN ID numbers. It is geared towards the PDP and PCM, but the idea is the same for Talon SRX.

I have successfully opened the CAN configuration page, but the talons do not show up. Any idea why this might be the case? The PDP is the only device that shows up.

Are the Talon SRXs powered?
What’s the CAN bus’s physical implementation?

It should be:

RoboRIO==Talon SRX 1===Talon SRX 2===PCM(if used)===PDB(with termination resistor set).

The order of the Talon’s and PCM doesn’t matter.

The order is RoboRIO -> Talon -> PDP, and the talons are connected to the PDP for power, do they need to be wired to something else for power?

The red and black wires provide the power.

Seems unlikely, but make sure all the CAN cables are hooked up according to color. Yellow to yellow; green to green.

Are the Talon LEDs doing anything when the robot is powered up?