Pyfrc Failing to build wheel - MacOSX

So I was trying to update a few of our laptops and working on getting Pyfrc built and ready, When I typed in: pip3 install pyfrc (and using the --upgrade also on our older devices with pyfrc on them) - It started working per the norm in the past. However When it arrived to the Building wheel for wpilib it Errors out, and produces a Seriously Large Line of Code and error. I have a few SS’s here of what I see. But curious if you have any additional insights?

We were able to upgrade our original PC laptop last tuesday, but now this is happening when we try from Thursday and Friday.

Python Build Wheel Fail.pdf (309.3 KB)

It looks like a dead link, note the 404 error.

I don’t know anything about pyfrc, so I can’t help you too much, but i can point you to it’s documentation.

To install the 2020 stuff (which is what pyfrc will currently bring to you) you need to use Python 3.6/3.7/3.8.

2021 will support Python 3.9 on OSX 10.15. Technically most of the wheels are already published for the 2021 release, but we haven’t updated the documentation, installer or pyfrc yet. OSX 10.14 will be supported after the next WPILib release – not sure when that will be.

In the future post in the Programming/Python forum and I’ll see your post earlier. :slight_smile:

Well that would’ve made too much sense and apparently I forgot all about that!

Thanks for the update. We were using python 3.9 for updating so I will back track it to 3.8 to try again.

Thanks many!

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