pynetworktables - change IP address after initialization

I know this is probably a weird request. I’m working on an application that will relay I/O between our operator interface control board and the robot.

I want to add functionality to change the robot address because I will often switch to using a simulator (localhost) and our robot (roborio-4901-frc.local). I don’t want to have to restart the application to do this.

Here’s how the code starts up the network table service:


What happens if I call NetworkTable.setIPAddress() after initialize is called? Can I reinitialize?

Ryan Nazaretian

If it implements NetworkTable.shutdown() as the C++ ntcore api does, then yes. Call shutdown, then set the address, then initialize again.

It doesn’t. Thanks though.

I’m anticipating rewriting NetworkTables in the style of ntcore before the start of the 2017 season, so it’ll be there then.

Thanks for the information. I’ll pick around with the code and figure out a way to accomplish this.

virtuald has the support integrated now. :slight_smile: