We’re trying to use pynetworktables2js to make a custom dashboard. The issue with this is that the NetworkTables on the robot are set to server mode, and pynetworktables2js also operates a server. The only idea I have is to install pynetworktables2js on the roboRIO, though this seems counterintuitive because the python server would be acting as a wrapper for the NetworkTables server.

I assume there is a solution because it seems quite a few teams use this.

Shoot, sorry, I misunderstood how pynetworktables works. As of now, I think I know how to do it, but I’ll probably have more questions once I actually try to get it working on the robot.

pynetworktables2js is an HTTP server, but it is a NetworkTables client. By default it tries to connect to a robot running at You need to tell it to connect to your robot, via a command line option (use --help to see available options).

Yep, I got that. I guess I was just confused about it connecting to the localhost by default.