Pyntcore 2020.1.2.0 now available!

What is pyntcore?

pyntcore are python wrappers around the C++ ntcore library. Because all the heavy lifting and threading is done in C++, in theory this should result in significantly less overhead for your python programs that would normally use pynetworktables.

How to install? Requires python 3.6+:

python3 -m pip install pyntcore

Where’s the documentation?

… there isn’t any yet. Soon? The API should be fairly close to pynetworktables – in fact, if you install pyntcore, it’ll also install pynetworktables for you. When pynetworktables detects pyntcore, it will use that internally.

$ python -c 'import networktables; print(networktables.nt_backend)'

I’d love for people to try this out and let me know where the API differs from pynetworktables. Several of the pynetworktables examples work with pyntcore.

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