Pyramid angle discrepancy?

Section 2.2.5 of the game manual says the pyramid legs are at 68 degrees. But when we look at the mechanical drawings there are repeated references to 60 degrees that are hard to reconcile. For example on GE-13020, sheet 3/5, detail k-k and GE-13022, sheet 3/5, detail b-b show 60 degree angles.

Does this make sense? What am I missing?


Attached some pictures
Hope they help

Thanks for the pic but we are comparing the game manual to the field drawings. A quick search of the field drawing PDF results in matches for hole diameters and drawing numbers ending in 68 but no angular dimensions!!! The 60 degree reference appears in many places.

Yes, it does makes sense.

When you look at the pyramid the way its shown with the 68 degree angle, they’re measuring the projection of the corner pieces onto the plane that bisects the rungs. My sketch shows a slight rotation. The 60 degree angle is the one along the plane that would diagonally cut the pyramid in half.

The 68 degree measurement is completely unnecessary for building the pyramid, its just for your reference.

The discrepancy was explained earlier in another thread.
It depends on the Point of view of the drawing shown.
From one perspective it is 68 degrees relative to the side of the pyramid, but 60 degrees if the legs are the height and diagonal portion of the square pyramid footprint.

**looks like Gray explained and posted a minute earlier.

Thanks for the reply - got a link to that thread? I searched before posing this question and did not see it.

I think we understand - got a group of EEs (who see mecahnical drawings once a year) trying to figure it out!


I tried to as well and cant remember where I saw it. However, it should be easy enough to understand now when relooking at the drawings.

We get it now - thanks again!

I think you want my contribution to this thread:

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