Pyramid Contact Question

The rules say that during autonomous mode a robot has to be touching the pyramid. Can we place our robot in such a way that the robot touches the second beam of the pyramid but is not hanging onto it?

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I think you answered your own question. Is the second beam part of the pyramid?

Your robot has to be within the 54" cylinder at the beginning of the match, it can expand once the match begins, but when you set it up it has to be within the size limit. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the second bar is just outside the 54" cylinder.

I think he is discussing going upwards. In this case, I do not think touching the second beam would be acceptable, simply because you would be “seen” as attempting a climb and jumping levels. Even if you simultaneously were touching bar one, I think then that is touching three different levels which is also prohibited… I think you must therefore either touch a diagonal piece or the 1st beam if I understand everything right?

Your robot must be in a legal playing configuration at all times. If you’re touching the pyramid, the pyramid configuration rules apply and you’re legal as long as you can fit a 54" diameter, 84" tall cylinder around your robot in SOME orientation. It’s really rather difficult to be outside that cylinder.

To the OP,

It’s legal, but what is your purpose in doing this? I feel I should point out that if you’re touching the second level and the floor, you have an invalid climb and will need to stop touching the second level before you can score climb points.

There is no penalty for contacting non adjacent levels of the pyramid, so “seeming to climb” isn’t an issue. If you attempt to climb straight for level 2, there is no penalty, but no points either.

There’s nothing in the pre-match rules about not appearing to climb. the rules are the you must be in starting configuration, fully supported by the floor, and touching the pyramid. The second level is still the pyramid, ergo it’s legal. It probably isn’t smart since, as you point out, you’re touching the floor and the second level, and thus have invalidated your climb points. But it’s certainly legal.

your lights on your driver station would also be yellow meaning its a bad climb but as long as you back away after auton you should be fine

Further, starting this way doesn’t automatically invalidate your later climb. You just need return to touching level 0 in a valid climb orientation (including bit touching level 2) before conducting your actual climb. Put it this way, it’s perfectly legal to say, shoot by pulling yourself directly up to the 3rd rung (why you’d want to notwithstanding)–you just can’t get climb points by staying there.

If you can touch the second rung starting inside your frame perimeter, under 84" tall (if contacting your autozone), without being in any way supported by the pyramid, and abiding by all other rules (remember G07, maybe?), you shouldn’t have a problem. I’ve seen a few robots this could makes sense for, like say those arm shooters who might want to start inside on occasion.

Definition of starting configuration:
“The physical configuration and orientation of the ROBOT when the MATCH is started.
In the STARTING CONFIGURATION, no part of the ROBOT may extend outside the vertical projection of the FRAME PERIMETER, with the exception of minor protrusions such as bolt heads, fastener ends, rivets, etc

You can touch any part of the pyramid you can legally reach, but you need to be within the frame perimeter of your bot.