Pyramid Specs

The rules state that “the rungs are located 30, 60, 90 inches off of the floor”. Is the measurement from the bottom of the rung, the center of the rung, or the top of the rung?

See Q&A

I don’t think the linked Q&A really answers the question (if it does, oops, I missed it). We were wondering the same thing. The only Q&A that really addresses it simply refers to one of the drawings in the game manual (2-7) and the “tolerances” in the drawings. 2-7 seems to show the measurement being at the center of the rung, but it’s not entirely clear. Our field builders couldn’t seem to find the info in the official field drawings. Could someone please help if we’re missing something?

FIRST seems to do this every year. Since there is enough information in the official plans to build the field elements, there obviously is enough information for an astute student with a trig calculator and a basic knowledge of triangles to figure from the part dimensions, anything about the field that you need to know.

In other words, “the rest is left as an exercise for the student.” Get used to it, you will be hearing that quote a lot in college!

Dr. Bob
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