Python: Robot's turning is opposite?

Hi! We are almost finished with our robot but I have one annoying issue to fix. The robot turns the opposite way then what it should. Forward and backward is fine but turning isn’t. I am using the “robotdrive.arcadedrive(joystick, True)”. Any ideas would be appreciated!

If front/back are correct but turns are reversed, it is likely that you have two separate problems that are almost but not quite cancelling each other out. First, you have your left and right motors swapped. Second, you have the wrong motors inverted.

I am not familiar with how to define drive motors in Python, so I can’t give you specific instructions for how to fix them in code. If you’d rather swap the wiring, you can do that instead. Just don’t change both the hardware and the software.

Thanks! I should have thought about swapping the motors. I and the drivers appreciate it!

Or, if I’m interpreting your description correctly, perhaps the right and left joysticks are flipped on the driver station. Edit: just make sure to try only one of these suggestions at a time, because each “fix” will probably negate the other.

Arcade drive doesn’t use right and left joysticks. They’re using the variety of arcadedrive() that takes a single joystick as input.


Yeah I figured out it was just the motors needing to be flipped around. Thanks to all the answers!