Q&A:612 Rock Wall Dimension Change

This will be coming out in Team update 4 Friday. HQ got the dimension of the Rock Wall wrong in both the team and field drawings and it’s actually 5.5" wide instead of 4.5" (The height appears to have been correct).


Q. Team drawings show defense ramps 10 inches but real field is almost 12. Also at NH kickoff I measured the width of stone wall 5.5 but team and real field drawings show 4.5. My photos also show the width wider than tall. Are corrections for dimensions needed?
2016-01-19 by FRC0175
A. Regarding the discrepancy you describe in the first part of your question, we think the answer to Q573 answers your question. The second part, however, does show a discrepancy, the correct dimension is 5.5 inches. Both the Field Drawings and Team Version Drawings will be updated to show the revision in Team Update 04. (Edited to correct team update number)

I’m hoping they choose to change the fields and not change the drawings since so many teams have already been making decisions based on the published specs. We even already made a sheet metal rock wall to the originally published specs.

It is also wrong in the CAD files.

We too have had a bent steel plate for our rockwall made as per specs.

However, I think for most teams the extra inch of width will make driving over it easier, not harder.

Team Update 5: GDC reveals that they actually meant to send us 5" dodgeballs instead of 10" dodgeballs. Teams should design accordingly!

Team Update 6: Due to a typo the Frame Perimeter was actually meant to be 100", not 120". Whoops!

Come on GDC. Hundreds of teams have committed to drivetrains at this point! This is a colossal oversight and a huge change 20% of the way through build season.

Unless you plan to straddle it …

FIRST should take the bath and update the fields on this one, not the other way around.

I agree 100%. This is not OK.

It’s a plate with 4 bends, FIRST should stick to the 4.5"

While, personally the 1" change in width doesn’t much matter to me or my team for that matter, I almost hope that first doesn’t change the fields. It’s a good lesson for anyone going into engineering and technology fields. Customers do change their mind in the middle of aggressively scheduled projects, often more wildly than the change being discussed. Let’s use some innovation and get over it, literally.

Those changes don’t often hit the budgets of small town teams that have spent money on their designs and can’t afford to change them. The lesson this would teach is not worth it.

By that logic, we should get an extra week of build season since the initial specifications desired were wrong.

And FIRST should refund some of the registration fees to make up for the added cost. The lesson doesn’t translate.

Yeah! I want my money back!

I’ve been holding on to these pitchforks for almost 2 years; let’s do this!

I said pitchforks; you just killed a guy with a trident!

You should probably lay low for a while.

And thus began the Stronghold riot of 2016…

I mean, it isn’t the surprise ball inflation issues of 2014 or the whole 2015 game… It could be worse.

I’ve known teams to reconfigure their entire robot during the first day of a competition. I think that, two weeks into build season, teams will survive this surprise.

I think we should follow the advice of Q&A 535


We’re happy to consider suggestions, but please send them to frcteams@firstinspires.org.

With enough emails hopefully they will listen. Just like emailing your elected representative. Someone could even type a form letter in this thread to cut and paste to FIRST.


P.S. Poor Frank is going to get mobbed on GameSense with this question.