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Average cost of Carts?

About how much does an average custom cart cost? Just materials please, we’re planning on a donated sound system. Just a rough cost will do. I have to do a budget and need it by tonight. Thanks

The Q&A forum realy wasn’t the best place for this question since I think a lot of us non-mods could help you out with that one.

Are you planning on having it powered so you can drive it around and/or ride on it?

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Hmm…Average Cost…Hmm
Well, ours last year was just wood and a few casters. Really simple, worked fine. I’d guess it was well below $50. If you get lucky though, you can find used carts (like for food and whatnot) or someone who has an old dolly who’s willing to give it to you. Or maybe a yardsale, I dunno. But If money’s a problem, you can still make an extremely cheap good-looking cart. Just look around some stores, or yard sales (:smiley: ) yes, Its been done…
Anyway, It really just depends on your team, robot, and funds. I mean…It’s just a cart. I’ve seen some teams w/ some really sweet modded carts though :smiley:
This year for our cart we plan to have our '03 bot with an overlay to haul around our robot. It shouldn’t take us too long to make.
Be selective on what you put on your cart too, while FIRST likes creativity, they don’t want distractions. I know of at least one team at VCU who had a full stereo system on their cart, and they had to remove it because it was “distracting” people around them and in the pits. Maybe someone complained, I dunno. I thought it was cool.