Q&A Discuss: HOT drill motors

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HOT drill motors

(Every year we talk about the HOT drill motors so…)

So let’s talk able the hot drill motor- have anyone
notice that they seem to be hotter than previous years?

Previous years I was not too concerned but this
year I’m thinking of attaching heat sinks and/or

Please advise. Thanks.

In past years when we had this problem we created a pretty simple solution from some basic kit stuff.

A good way to cool the motor is to pull air through them (rather than, say blow air on them). We took the small muffin pans provided with the kit and built a lexan casing around the openings in the motors with the fans mounting on top, pulling the air through the motors. It kept them cool, plus it was lightweight and can be made with basic stuff available from the kit.

I haven’t looked closely at the drill motors this year to see if they have the similar openings in the side, but if they do, it is another alternative.