Q&A Discuss: How many Inventor Licenses/seats available?

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How many Inventor Licenses/seats available?

I asked this question in the CAD/Inventor forum and have gotten no response … please help !

I have heard varying reports about the number of seats of Inventor software that are actually “donated” to FIRST teams. It just does not make sense to me that Autodesk would only supply one license per team … why bother? There is no way to get any significant amount of work done in the time frame we are allowed, with only one license. The extra seats don’t cost them anything and they would have many more advocates out in their marketplace if more students were using their product(s). I am very interested in hearing opinions/methods that other teams have “used”. Specifically if there is truly a limit of one copy per team (as absurd as that seems) and/or what is the method of obtaining additional VALID/LEGAL licenses. Thanks! - by the way, see my post about Pro/DESKTOP Express software HERE for another great FREE option.

Isn’t an educational liscense authorized to be installed on multiple workstations?