Q&A Discuss: Size of the kit of parts

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2 Large and 1 Small

What about weight?
70 lbs for large? 60? 50?

Box sizes don’t matter as much as what’s in them (as long as the box can fit in a car that is).

They were heavy. . . probably about 60-70 lbs. ea.

Yea “were” what about this year’s I’m asking.

Since this year’s competition - and therefore the contents of the 2003 kit of parts - has not yet been announced, there is no way to definitively answer that. All we can go on is the trend established in prior years, in which each box was packed with contents that kept it under 70 pounds (70 pounds is the magic number for checked luggage on the airlines - if any one package weighs more than that, you have to pay a “heavy package surcharge” that adds up to a healthy chunk of change if you are checking multiple packages - FIRST has historically tried to keep the boxes under that weight to help the teams that had to fly after the kick-off and distribution of the kits).

If you need a more precise answer than that, wait 9 days, 6 hours and 25 minutes and find out along with the rest of us.