Q15 Arkansas C8?

See the VOD here

Doesn’t this look like one of the clearest C8 calls? Dead robot pushed into the loading zone with no purpose other than foul points? They even made extra effort to go around them to get a better angle to push them into the Loading Zone!

It looks like the head Ref maybe doesn’t see it, but what else was there to look at?

I am not in any way affected by this match. I just want to make sure I don’t misunderstand the rules.

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Seems like c8 to me too

Looks like a very clear c8 violation
Wasn’t as bad as the Israel one but still it was done with intent

Wow, just wow. I had to watch that a couple of times to be sure.

Not only a clear C8 but the ref who flagged Blue WATCHED it happen and flagged blue for it totalling 90 penalty points!

Bad form on the ref and the team that pushed


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