Q285...what were they planning?

I wonder if this was an offense or defense question…or what…

GDC was quick to respond.



Maybe they were just trying to be very thorough.

I can image they wanted to place a vinyl sticker under the sensor to make it register as being rotated.


Heres a thread with a post discussing a strategy around that. Changing the color panel to stop the team from scoring

It’s not the exact same but I could see them trying to physically change the color to accomplish the same thing

placing a vinyl sticker would be illegal as well bc that would technically be leaving part of the robot on the field intentionally. I don’t see any possible way they can accomplish this even if they had said it is legal to change it without spinning.

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I think they were going for something like four colour cards they would place right below the colour sensor.

But that’s an obvious violation of H8 - don’t trick the sensors.


I’m hoping they were really asking if they could “undo” the color once their opponents completed it.

Bright, colored flashlights.

H8. Don’t trick the sensors. Teams may not interfere with any automated scoring hardware.
Violation: RED CARD for the ALLIANCE.

RED CARD for the ALLIANCE… they might be serious. I don’t know.


Does it matter that this is under Human rules? Seems some of you are describing robot actions. I always read H8 as referring to the power cell scoring sensors, never occurred to me that someone would consider trying to mess with the control panel equipment. Accessing it would require going onto the field, which is a big no no.

Clearly the GDC doesn’t think so.

It says “teams” in the quote above, which the actions of the ROBOT presumably includes; however I don’t know if the rules define a TEAM that definitively includes the robot actions. If I am back on my laptop later I’ll look it up…

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The team specifically asked about H8. Why I don’t know.

From 1.2 in the manual: “…teams of students are challenged to raise
funds, design a team “brand,” hone teamwork skills, and build and program robots …”
So teams do not include the robot according to that. And since the reference to “teams” for the rule in question is under human rules, I’m going to say that the robot action is not penalized under H8.

Not for a team’s ROBOT. It is not only allowed on the field, it is not allowed to leave. I think it is reasonable to assume that a ROBOT changing the color present under the CONTROL PANEL sensor by any means other than rotating the CONTROL PANEL would could justifiably plead, unlike millions of little brothers, “but he made me do it!”


H8. Don’t trick the sensors.

The Q seemed to ask if light could change the color. Seems they were thinking of altering the standard color reading . Which would be tricking the sensor thus GDC’s answer IMO Of course H8 is a human rule but probably best fit for this

that is what I think it would be. just make a thin mini control panel that you can use and do it that way

That was my thought immediately too.

ie a limelight aimed at the wheel sensor would make getting any sort of reading for non-green colours almost impossible as a defensive move.

My question was in reference to putting something like a colored card under the sensor, instead of spinning the wheel. This wouldn’t fit with my teams design or strategy, it was just something that popped into my head as an alternate way to achieve the objective. I was thinking of both the offensive and defensive capabilities of a mechanism like this. I had not thought of using light to change the color sensed by the sensor, my intention behind putting the word physical in there was to imply that it was some sort of colored material being held under the sensor.

Perhaps I worded it poorly if so many immediately assumed it would be using light. In my mind, using light to trick the sensor is more clearly a violation of H8, while the scenario I laid out is less clearly so