QCMO3 qualification 19 - Did referee did the good call?

First, I want to specify that I’m talking in my personal name and what I’m gonna say don’t necessarily represent the team opinion. Also, I don’t come here to vent, but to have a real opinions and suggestion how to improve thing and prevent this situation to append again. The event is done and there nothing than can be done, but to move forward.

This weekend, in one of our qualification we were pushed like all the match by the same robot and no fault were called. When the drive team asked the head referee, he say that no fault were called because we were pushing too. This isn’t necessarily false. By watching the video record, I can identify two time were we fight rather than trying to escape. But there were millions time were we only trying to play the game and the other robot should have been called.

I don’t hold grudge against 3117. Although I had a mixed feeling before as they did know this was not allowed, but did it anyway because referee didn’t call them. I understand defense is part of the game, but I don’t think this was defense.

Does I’m biased or should a call should have been made ?

Whether it was the call was right or not, what can be done to prevent this to append again ?

For reference take a look at 3117 and 3996 : https://youtu.be/GSbsmDTGl2M
A similar event occurred with 3990 and there match in semi-final this day at the event, but there no footage available I’m aware of. (They were in similar position as 3996)

Just to clarify, were you pushed, or were you pinned? Pushing is allowed for indefinite periods of time, whereas pinning is limited to 5 seconds.

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I would say pinned. But you can look at video footage. Maybe I’m totally wrong.

This was defense. There was nothing against the rules about it. The only time you were actually pinned a referee and the head referee started counting, and it was cleared.

Watched the match, looks like great tough defense by 3117. I saw nothing against the rules or any penalties.

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I just watched the match and didn’t see any pins longer than 5 seconds.

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I see possibly two times where a pinning count could be initiated - in one, it was, in the other it wasn’t. In both cases, the pin would be cleared before the count finished (robots moved more than 6ft from where the pin started).

Note that a pin means you are being prevented from moving, not being prevented from moving where you want to go. What I saw was some very good defense being played.

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From a ref perspective, I think they were correct also, everything was bumper to bumper, no high contact. I agree there probably should have been 2 pin starts, but no 5 sec pin. The only issue I could see, the pin continued away from the wall, but I just reread G202, since both robots moved 6’ from the original pinning location, the count clears.

Playing defense like they did as a T-Bone really stops opponents. The bumper friction holds you there, and hard to turn out of it.

Personal opinion, I don’t like teams playing defense during qualifications. Teams built their robot to score points, let them do what they want. If they made a robot to play defense, then let them do it. Playoffs is different, but even then, not sure a defense bot slows down an alliance better than just 3 offense bots. Again, my controversial opinion.

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