QotW 06-29-03: Collaboration.

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that this week’s question is entirely self-serving. There are a few reasons for this.

First, consider it a feasability to study. I’m interested in seeing a bit into the future and learning about what the payoff may be.

Second, consider it something I need to get myself back into action. I need this to be a reminder to me of what the work is for.

Question of the Week 06-29-03: Would your team consider using the services planned for freelanceFIRST? If yes, does your team have engineers? Machining capability?

If not, why? What other services would you be interested in using. …particularly, if you have no engineering support, why not?

A few people have been asking me about what my future plans in FIRST were, whether I’d be with a team for the 2004 season, and some other things. When I’d mention freelanceFIRST as my answer, they didn’t seem convinced.

So, as I’ve become more interested in establishing a framework for online collaboration, I hope that I haven’t lost sight of the audience for such a project.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. I promise that next week’s question won’t suck so much. Really.

M, i think this is a great idea, I belive that it will give those teams that doesnt have any engineering help, that “upperhand” a few of them say they need. My suggestion to you, get involved in things like FIRST interactive rural support. That way, they can help you work with teams, and spread your idea around :slight_smile: Just remember


I think that many teams would come to benefit freelanceFIRST, rookies especially. I also think that this program could help FIRST thrive in areas where it wasn’t previously feasible.

My team has very limited machining opportunities and engineers only couple nights a week (if that). Something like freelanceFIRST can open doors in directions that we could never even think of. I know there are multitudes of future teams that don’t have dedicated engineers (if any) or the resources needed to become a competing, thriving, full-blown FIRST team. freelanceFIRST can change that.

Can I take the lack of concern or responses to mean there isn’t a real desire to use this service – only to contribute to it?

Or, is it that it’s now summer and nobody’s interested in this stuff at all?

Can you explain how freelanceFirst services would work? I know my team already opens or shop and minds up to all teams in the area, so how would freelance change this?


Can I take the lack of concern or responses to mean there isn’t a real desire to use this service – only to contribute to it?

Even though there have been bunches of freelanceFIRST posts, most of us probably don’t know what services are available. You might want to post a menu and ask for people to respond more specifically.

For instance…

  1. CAD support
  2. machining support
  3. animation support
  4. web site design
  5. ghost writing Chairman’s award
  6. scouting
  7. debugging code
  8. brokering KIT part trades
  9. other

I think freelanceFIRST is a good idea.