QotW 10-05-03: Goliaths.

Umm, oops. Sorry that I neglected to post this on time, but I found myself in Idaho – somewhere I hadn’t really expected to be.

This week’s question is entirely self-serving.

Question of the Week 10-05-03: Who rosters the largest team in FIRST?

(A correct answer before 3 p.m. tomorrow would be greatly appreciated :wink: )

The information from the FIRST Team Information site lists team 100 as having 435 participating students. I quit checking after that.

By team do you mean:

-Students, and Engineers?
-Students, Engineers, and parents?
-"_____"_______" and assortied pets?

Just Clarifying.

Not 818. Does that help? :slight_smile:

heh that is definitely wrong. I think I hit 3 and 4 when trying to type 35 :stuck_out_tongue:


i know that many teams have an application process. iirc, gunn (192) is one such team. i believe i’ve heard that they have upwards of 50 participating students each year.

MOE has a tendancy to be very large every year, but I have no actual numbers.