QR Code Attendance System

If your team is anything like ours, attendance is tough to keep up, especially with an ever growing team. Sign-in papers are easy to miss and hard to keep track of, they also have some inconvenience tied to them.

I created QR Code Attendance to fix all of these issues and offer an easy to use solution. It offers a live camera QR code scanner for members to easily scan in when they arrive and scan out when they have to leave to log their minutes. The best part is the only required hardware is a computer and webcam!

There’s immense convenience as it keeps track of minutes and converts all the data into CSV format for Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.
Installation is very easy, just download the EXE from the following GitHub release page:
QR Code Attendance GitHub Release Page
Follow along with the installer and that’s it!

Add every member through the Add Members tab and assign an ID (We just use the ID given by our school for convenience). Make sure each member takes a picture of their QR code on their phone once added or if you prefer you can screen shot and print them out on paper.

To start the live camera feed simply press “Start Scanner” in the Others tab
You can also convert the data into CSV from the Others tab and import/export data from other computers through the data.json file.

You can retrieve any person’s QR code and see their attendance history through the Manage Members tab.

This program is open source and I heavily encourage anyone who’s interested in improving this program to contribute! You can also make your own custom version through the compilation instructions in the readme.

  • Murad Jouhari, 8177 Lead Programmer

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