QR Code Scouting App by Storm Robotics FRC 2729

Did you generate the QR code with the most recent version of the user app?
If you scanned a QR code that was generated by an older version of the user app, that might be the problem. If this is the case, delete the CSV file on the master app device, which is located on the SD cards root directory. The file should be called something like “match data”.
Then update the user app.

If this is not the case please let us know.

I installed the new User app and deleted the old csv file but an empty Note still causes the Master app to crash. The line in the match_data.csv looks the same as before.

Would you be able to send us an email at Scouting2729@gmail.com with the CSV file attached?

Nevermind, we found the problem. We will update the app today.

The problem was in the user app, so expect an update from the User app soon!

We’ve also added a message to appear in tele-op mode every time the submit button is pressed to let the user know their data has been added!

UPDATE: The update has been rolled out on the Google Play Store! You should be able to download the update now! Just delete the old CSV file then re scan a new QR code. Everything should work now.

Also expect a update to Master app in the next couple of days that includes duplicate checking and match data averages.

A new master app has been made! Expect a link to the google play store this week!

This looks awesome! Thanks for your hard work and for sharing! GP +1!

Hi everybody. A new master app has been made. Unfortunately you will have to download the new app HERE Please uninstall the existing master app. The new master app has many more features and bug fixes!

There’s been some updates so be sure to update those apps from the Google Play Store every one!


  • made qr code bigger and clearer
  • added coopertition screen
  • added more noodle options