Qualcomm Innovation Challenge Wording

I have a question about some of the wording used in section 4.2. for the challenge. The exact words are for the challenge is “a solution to help people (or a community of people) keep, regain, or achieve optimum physical and/or mental health and fitness through active play and movement.”
What constitutes as active play and movement? The wording seems a bit ambiguous here, and I am not sure how much movement is needed to qualify. Does active play mean actually moving the body, or is it enough to touch a button and begin an autonomous action?
If anyone has any insights, please share them.

I don’t have any special insight, but I recommend asking yourselves this question: will judges be more impressed by an innovation that fully meets the spirit of the theme head-on, or one that technically meets the literal meaning of the words in the rules?

Another question: If your doctor recommended you should get 30min a day of active play, would you consider sitting in a chair pressing buttons to be fulfilling that recommendation? What if you doctor said you need to get more movement in your routine?


Got it. I’ll take that into consideration. I was already leaning towards the problem and solution requiring some real action or activity beyond something small like pushing a button. Thank you

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