Qualification for Chairmans Award

In the 2012 Information packet under 6.4.1 OVERVIEW it states:

“Hall of Fame members; i.e., teams that have already earned the Chairman’s Award, are
ineligible to resubmit for consideration for five (5) years. Teams that earned the Chairman’s
Award at the Championship prior to 2007 are eligible to participate in 2011. Teams that
earned the Chairman’s Award in 2007-2011 are ineligible.”

Does this refer to Championship Chairmans Award or just Regional Chairmans Award winners?

plz and thnx!

Just teams that have won the championship chairman’s award.

Thank you very much!

When you earn the Championship Chairman’s Award, you will not be eligible to apply for Regional Chairman’s Award for five year.

This rule was enacted about three years ago if I remember correctly.