Qualification of rope

Is flexible rope, as in “shock cord” (used sometimes in marine applications), acceptable as rope listed on the additional materials list? It is for a rope-like, or tethering, application (the kit rubber tubing won’t do).

Rope is acceptable as a “shock cord” as long it is of acceptable material and on the additional hardware list.

This is not answering the question, which is, is shock cord acceptable as rope? Shock cord has a braided jacket, similar to braided rope, but has an elastic core instead. The cord stretches, but otherwise, looks like rope.

As long as you are using it as rope and not as a means of storing energy for purposes other than tieing things together (this is what we consider the use of rope) than its okay. We just don’t want to deal with having to interpret anything that is marginally being used for a purpose that would give a team an unfair advantage. Sorry about the previous answer, I wasn’t sure what “shock cord” meant. The combination of surgical tubing and rope when wrapped spirally around each other can sometimes give you something like a shock cord, but you have to deal with the elasticity of the roping very carefully and it sometimes results in an ugly looking thing - but anyways, hopefully this answer will do.