Qualified for dcmp but too late :(

my team just found out we qualified for new england district champs but it’s too late for us to make the drive out to springfield. I wish FIRST would have more time between invitations going out and the competition because we had no idea we qualified until it was too late to make the trip :pensive:

this is the first year my team has qualified for dcmp and we’re really sad that we don’t have time to make it out.

we were able to qualify this year thanks to becoming finalists at the greater boston event thanks to our alliance parters 95 (grasshoppers) and 5687 (outliers) and we’re rooting for them at dcmp!!

if anyone has contact info for the grasshoppers please let me know because we really want to thank them for helping us qualify (we already talked to the outliers on instagram :grin:)!!


@JamesCH95 is a regular around these parts from 95. You might try to PM him.

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Y’all are great, and you will be missed at DCMP!

We have little rubber duckies all over our build space now too.


hi!! we just really wanted to thank you guys for helping us qualify because its the first time we’ve ranked high enough. Thank you so much for picking us and helping us and know we’re rooting for you at district champs today!!! :yellow_heart::green_heart::duck:


I’m really sorry the KwarQs won’t be at DCMPs! Y’all were awesome alliance partners, and those matches were great to watch. Best of luck to you and your team!

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:green_heart::yellow_heart::duck:!!! we dm’ed y’all on instagram, idk who runs that page but i’ll say again thank y’all so much for helping us this season, its the best our team has ever done!!! we’re rooting for y’all today!!

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