Qualifying For the 2005 Nationals

Hey gang-

I was just wondering what the final decision is on how the teams will qualify for the 2005 Nationals.

Of course the National Chairman’s Winners will be eligible but as far as I can determine, all other slots are wide open.

Is the tier system still in effect for next year (aka- all those teams from this year essentially can’t go)? Teams need to win regionals to participate?

There was some ambiguity as to whether the system was going to change again for 2005. In any case I pray that FIRST makes an announcment VERY EARLY either way so teams can plan.

I am looking for an informed answer to this question…


Wow, I can only hope it gives some kind of upper hand to veteran teams who didnt go this year… If we are not able to go 2 years in a row I would cry :frowning:


  1. Prequalifying Teams (same as 2003):
  2. All prior Championship Chairman’s Award winners
  3. Original and sustaining teams from 1992
  4. 2003 Championship “Stack Attack” winners
  5. 2003 Point qualifiers based on the previous 5 point or more system
    Note: The existing Point System will be discontinued after the 2004 season.
  6. Merit Based Qualifying Teams from the 2004 season:
  7. Regional Chairman’s Award winners (1 per Regional)
  8. Regional Engineering Inspiration Award winners (1 per Regional)
  9. Regional Rookie All-Star Award winners (1 per Regional)
  10. Regional Champions (3 per Regional)
  11. Open Registration in the Fall:
    For 2004 and beyond, a select number of Championship spots each year will be available for open registration. These slots will be based on the number of years since a team last attended the Championship. All teams will be classified in a Tier

Here is some information from this year. Looks like FIRST will revamp the point system or do away with it. This may be a good place to start making suggestions of which awards, if any, should earn points toward '05. In my opinion, no award should earn you points especially the Regional Chairman’s because it creates a “They won it last year so let’s give it to someone else” mentality.

does winning a division at the championship mean the same as winning a regional?

Again, another example of the ineffeciency of FIRST and their lack of concern for the average team.

yes, winning a division counts the same as a regional (for merit points, that is)

88 won the EI Award in New Jersey… That doesn’t mean we qualify for next year does it??? Or does it have to be in the same year???

If your team won a REGIONAL CHAIRMAN’S this year, does that qualify us for the finals next year?

i’m pretty sure that EI and regional chairman’s are just like winning the regional - they count for merit points the next year (assuming that there is some sort of merit system) but do not guarantee a spot

It has to be the same year. Winning a division doesn’t do anything, it would only qualify you for the national competition that you were already at when you won it.

Basically if you can’t sign up during the registration based on the tier system then you have to win one of those awards at a regional.

this year we got in by the waiting list… We qualified anyway with the EI award but they said we got in a while back due to the tier system and we were in the last tier… Who knows maybe if we don’t win an award next year which I pray we get Chairman’s (Winning the regional can wait… I would love a chairman’s instead) we can get in by tier… hmmmm I don’t know… We’ll see I guess…

People call me crazy but I would take a Regional Chairman’s over a National title anyday…

But that’s my opinion…

Yeah, I agree with ToMMan b182… not going two years would be difficult for a veteran team. All the more reason to aim high next year and try to win a chairman’s or EI award, though!

It’s important for the rookie teams to go though, too. They deserve to see a championship and hopefully be inspired by the great atmosphere. Regionals are great, too, of course :slight_smile:

Either way, though, I’ll be fine. I’ll get to go senior year for sure then if we can’t go next year!

I need the community’s opinion on this, what if next year will be your 3rd year and you’ve never competed in nats, what are the odds of being asked to come next year?

I’d say that they are pretty good… Aim high though!!!

This was our fourth year and we still have yet to attend the Championship event. We’ve had a grand 'ol time without it though, but next year we hope to go just because we’ve never been before.

I would also think that all of the remaning teams from 92 would also have an automatic invite those teams being 45 126 190 191 and 250 i believe

(3 winners + 1 chairmans + 1 EI + 1 Rookie ) * about 30 Regionals + 5 original teams + 5 former chairmans (dont know the actual number) + 3 2004 champs = 193 teams based on the system of regional qualification FIRST will most likely use. So that leaves about 107 teams that will be qualified another way, most likely the tier system again.

does anyone know what’s going on with the odd team numbers and even team numbers? I heard that odds get to go next year and evens year after that, but I’m not sure.

That was an old system. It was eliminated this year.

To me it looked like they could put another field in the Georgia dome. For those that were there…

  1. Did it really look like another field could be placed under the dome?
  2. Is the pit are large enough to support another 60 teams?
  3. Do you think the event can hold another 2,000 people?