Qualifying for World Championships

I read through the rules, but some aspects still seem a little unclear. First, if a team in a district qualifies by winning a regional outside of the district, does that mean another spot opens up for a team to qualify based on ranking/merit? Secondly, does a spot open up if one of the top teams double qualifies for the event? I understand regional events contain wild cards, but I wasn’t certain if that applied for district events.

Both no - besides prequalifieds, the amount of spots a district gets is absolute, including regional wins, DCMP awards, and points spots. The only exception would be wait list I believe, which doesn’t count towards anything

For the second question, the district will always send its allocated number of teams, so the answer is yes. If a district is supposed to send 15 teams, and the number 1 team wins the district championship and also wins Chairman’s, it will pick the next team in district rankings so it still sends 15.

The other prequalifier is HOF teams or original and sustaining teams

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