Qualifying Pairings

There is one other thing that happened this year no one has mentioned yet. Unlike in 2000 where you were told which 4 teams were in the match and the paired in the queue, this year they gave us all the pairings up front for each match when they distribute the match lists. This has definantly raised the level of play at VA since the teams have plenty of time to come up with a strategy. Thank you FIRST for giving this to us up front! It has added a new dimension to the competitioon!


I am amazed. I guess FIRST wanted to reduce the anguish and bickering which resulted last year when everyone was trying to convince each other 1 minute before the match.

I wish this would mean that they would now allow a 2nd coach to participate. I can only wish.

I love the way they are doing things now. Life is much easier and the competition is based more on quality of robots and not quickly construed strategies.

~Tom Fairchild~

Anyone know if this was the order of the day at Kennedy as well?
I’d like to know that the VCUsians weren’t just being nice. :slight_smile:

This also happened at KSC

In my opinion, it totally eliminates the need for the second coach on stage.

My job as the second coach last year was to make a working strategy with our partners as fast as possible. This year I could do that from the comforts of the stands and pits and just relay the message to the on stage crew before they went up to compete.

And by the way… HUGE thanks to 186 for choosing us in the elimination matches and to 343 for having such a dominant 2 goal grabber! Let’s hope we’re all in the same division at nats so we can win that one, too!!!

Team 180