Quality Award Example

Does anyone have an example of the Quality Award submission they may have done in the past. My students are trying to wrap their head around what that submission would look like so they can document our Robot. Any Help is greatly appreciated.

I don’t believe there have ever been Quality Award submissions before. Every other year it’s just one of the things the judges ask about when they come around (mixed in with their questions about everything else, so I don’t know specifically which questions relate to the Quality Award) and something they look out for when you’re on the field. I think in the past it’s often been mainly based on noticing that your robot never broke down during matches. There’s never been a written component before.

Team 696 won the Quality Award at both regionals they attended in 2015. That year was pretty well documented on a blog. You can start here and work your way back up to the numerically lower page numbers. Team 696 2015 Build Blog | Team 696 2015 Build Blog | Page 7

As mentioned above, it’s more about having a quality mindset and quality process throughout the design and manufacturing, and embracing the idea that every detail matters. Beyond that, it’s all in how you present it to the judges.

4607 won the Quality Award at champs in 2019. I think the award can largely be attributed to our FMEA process, which you can learn more about here. Implementing some form of a design/risk assessment process that you can explain to judges will really enhance your ability to compete for the Quality Award.

It’s important to note that the award definitions are different for several awards this year compared to previous seasons. A lot of the wording for the Quality and Industrial Design awards seem to have been shuffled between the two.