quality of posting...

i don’t know how other people feel but, i think the quality of posting has decreased tremendously reciently… there are students on our team that don’t even come to the forums anymore because of it… i’m not sure how much you can do about it and i know that a lot of it happens in the chit-chat and i don’t want to sound like a complainer , i just wanted to make a statement about it.

i guess this stuff happens as a result of growing. and please dont hammer me for this… i was just stating an opinion…

David, I agree with you 100%. Im sick of good threads going off onto the wrong path. Your Super Bowl commercial one was good, and because of a corny arguement about Brittney Spears they had to close it…im really getting sick and tired of it

Note to Brandon Martus: Is there anything you can do?

Keep erasing/closing the bad ones… thats about it.

Its up to the person posting to decide whether or not they’re going to cause problems, and hopefully notice this before they post, and not after someone complains and it gets closed.

Another way to keep it clean, is to report any questionable post to me immediately, and I will try to delete/warn/etc before it gets TOO out of hand.

As this site get more and more popular, there will only be more and more people posting in here…

Not saying this is really bad, but I miss the past years when there were not too much people posting.

But there is nothing we can do about this. As long as we are keeping this place open to all teams to share ideas and ask questions, we cannot limit who can post and cannot post.

Couple of problems I see:

There are too many posts going on, making it extremely hard for anyone to follow any useful discussion at all. It take dedicated hours just to follow anything at all. Once people see there are 100 new posts they have to read, they are just going to stop bothering.

Too many chatting going on in threads, making them easily going off topic. I know a lot of people are trying to keep them inside “chit chat”, but there are still some going on in other forum. The little chatting used to make this forum special in its own way, but now it’s just getting a little out of hand. Again, there’s no way we can limit this… The little chatting used to bring in fresh new ideas into discussions.

People asking repeating questions over and over again, even though it’s been discussed a million times. Which says how hard it is to follow conversations around here. So, a lot of times people are spending time answering those questions over and over again… while we all have a robot to build.

A lot of posts weren’t thought out when they were posted… Making the quality of posts lower and lower.

And there are a lot of questions around here that says, “NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!” or “What do everyone think?” Some of those questions are good questions, but this place is just too open enough for people to post these question, and there are no organized discussions in them. What ended up happening is small groups of people talking in here and there.

These are just some of my observations around here…

It is kind of frustrating to see this happening… I’ve know a lot of good people who stop reading this forum because they just don’t have the energy to keep up. I have my own way to help solve this problem by doing the newsletter, Dr. Joe have his own way of solving this problem by encouraging searching the forum, and I am sure other people have some ideas of how to solve them…

But things are going to get worse as more and more people know about this place, and less and less people remembed the old ways of how things are.

I used to encourage posting your ideas… But now I am not so sure I want to tell people to do that anymore. I am sure there are a lot of good people out there, just that this place is harder and harder to follow with the increase of people.

I would hate it if we have to do some sort of limiting around here… But I do see the need of some sort of changes around here. I have always been a big fan of this place, (probably the biggest), so it is really frustrating when I hear people saying how they stop visiting this place…

If Chief Delphi are willing to listen to comments and suggestions, then maybe we can get a small group of people together, and have some sort of side forum/thread where we can discuss this, and improve this place.

But these are just my opinion…