Quality of Vex Linear Elevator Kit

Hi, my team is working on learning to build a better elevator and we are thinking of buying the Vex Linear Elevator Kit. What are people’s thoughts on the quality of this kit? Is it worth buying?

It’s a very good kit for elevators. I’ve used it before for a non-FRC SCARA robot arm.

3184 used the kit this year. It’s not a plug and play solution, but we found it to be high quality and robust. It’s great to have the plates, bill of materials, and step by step instructions. For a two stage+ elevator you need to do some problem solving for getting the bearings to run past each other. I can elaborate more on our solution for this if you would like.

The number of spacers the kit needs is a bit crazy. I recommend drilling out the 1/4" holes for 5/16". That lets you use 1603 bearings on a close fitting bolt, rather than 1/2" ID bearings on a tube axle.

I’m a fan, easy to work with and works with standard 2x1 aluminum if you don’t have Versaframe. We used it in 2015 for an elevator and then used it this year for a telescoping arm extension (where it completely enclosed a 2x1 tube). The ability to use it for non-elevator extension applications I think sets it apart from other options on the COTS market.

As nuclearnerd notes it does require a lot of spacers and the shafts with smaller 1/2" bearings specifically need the Vex spacers. Normal spacers for 1/4" bolts you can find on McMaster, Grainger, etc. all have too large of an OD which causes them to rub or catch on the piece being extended.

Thanks for the feedback! We will get it and see how it goes