Quantifying the accuracy of the encoders in Neo burshless motor

My team is using a shooter angle adjustor this year and in order to use it, we need an encoder that is very accurate. Will the encoders inside the Neo work? If so, what’s the margin of error of the encoder in the neo motor.

The encoders are very accurate, the problem is that the Spark Max adds “a lot” of delay (112 ms) to the calculation because of the encoder resolution. How well the integrated encoder will work for you will depends on other factors like gearing and speed you want to adjust the hood.

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You do not experience this 100ms delay with getPosition(), like you’d use when trying to control position-- such as the position of an adjustable shooter hood. This delay only comes into play if you are doing velocity control.

OP: the “resolution” of the encoder is 42 cpr. Only you can determine whether this is good enough for your application.