Quantity of Bumper Material

Hello! I’m from team 7891 and we are on our second year. I was wondering how much of a bumper material I should buy for a set of bumpers. I’m planning on buying the slick fabric from ROBOPROMO but I am wondering how much fabric is typically used to make a full bumper. I am also wondering what other type of fabric would be nice good for defense from ROBOPROMO?

Sorry if my questions don’t make sense, im bad at getting my ideas into writing

How much you should get:

For both red and blue, you’ll need a bare minimum strip that is 1’ wide and at least 126" long, call it 132 for a nice even footage, EACH.

I would probably consider buying extra.

Hi NyanCatKrazy,

Good questions.

It comes with 200" which is plenty to make 1 set of bumpers. Remember you’ll need a red a blue bumper set if you’re not using reversible bumpers.

As far as defensive bumpers, we recommend getting the “Super Tough” which is 1000 denier cordura and holds up better if you’re play a high contact match.
Here is the link to that: https://www.robopromo.com/product_p/rp-2023.htm

Thanks! I am planning on making the bumpers myself and was wondering if that amount also works for reversible bumpers

I’ve made bumpers myself the past couple years, and every year I’ve tried reversible ones and ended up switching. Realistically, if your bumper installation system is good enough, it’s easier to have two sets and they usually look better. If you are going for reversible, though, you could use the same amount of fabric. Be sure to get some extra so you’ve got a little to play with, too— bumper fabrics aren’t easy to work with.

If you make reversible bumpers just remember to put velcro across the ENTIRE edge (of the wood and edge of the flap) The problems with reversible bumpers typically come when the are just pieces of velcro. Also make sure the flap only has the fuzzy side (or loop side) so it can’t catch on the carpet and pull off. (And put the hook on the part backed by wood. )

Sounds strange, but almost always at least 1 more yard of fabric than you think! I think 4 yards is probably enough. We thought 3 yards was going to cut it last year for us on full wrap-around bumpers (with opening in the front), but we wish we ordered another yard for each color, so we’ll probably get 4 (or maybe 5) yards this year.

For slick bumper material, we use 4oz Dacron sailcloth (can be acquired from a few different boat-making supply shops).

Oh, and for numbers, we use this: http://www.sailrite.com/Insignia-Adhesive-Backed-UV-Dacron-10

It’s specifically meant to adhere to Dacron. You can also get tape for repairs: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/cspages/dacronrprtapecolor.php?clickkey=8139

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