Quation about attach Fisher Price gearbox

Hey everyone, my team is wondering if anyone knows how to generally attach anything to the output of a Fisher Price gearbox. Thanks. We are using a denso Window Motor and it doesn’t seem to winch the arm!

Here is a good looking option.

I read FP Gearbox Hubs but still not clear, it will be nice if there is any cad drawing
Thank you for reply
Team 1946

If you have one of the older FP gearboxes around, the output gear with the internal octogon fits in the current gearbox just fine. Since older gearboxes are readily available, switching the output gears is legal.

this might be late in the build season but try three screws through the orange output into one of the window motor gear flanges with the long end inwards.

BTW: Be very very very careful with the fisher price gearbox it is very powerful, on our first test at full power it swung around in a fraction of a second and almost broke our coachs arm.